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Official Rules for The Great Treasure Hunt

The Great Treasure Hunt is a contest created for the enjoyment of listeners.

Between June 19th 2023  and August 12th 2023, Christian FM will hide up to 7 keys, held in small boxes, between Melbourne and Stuart.  No purchases will be needed to find the location of a hidden key.  Clues on where to find the keys will be announced on the radio and may also appear on the station website and Facebook page.  Anyone who finds a key will be deemed a “key finder” and will be awarded some authentic Spanish Treasure valued at over 180 dollars.

All “key finders” will be eligible for a grand prize drawing event scheduled for August 12th, with the winner receiving Spanish treasure valued at four thousand dollars.  In the event a “key finder” cannot attend the grand prize drawing, they may designate someone to represent them at the event.

Random Prize

After the contest begins, registration boxes will be located at announced locations.  Participants aged 18 and over may fill out an entry and place it in the registration box.

One entry allowed per person, per box location.  No purchase required.  The deadline to place an entry is before the location closes for business on August 9th, 2023.

Entries from all the boxes will be combined and a random winner will be selected at the contest finale event.   The winner does not have to be present to win the prize of real Spanish treasure valued at 180 dollars.


All “key finders” must register for a “hunting license” at Christianfm.com.  All “key finders” must be at least 18 years of age but may receive help from someone of any age.  Once a key  is found, everyone in the “key finders” household is ineligible to find more keys during the 2023 contest.  “Key finders” are also ineligible to win the random prize drawing.

Other Rules

Contestants who are physically searching for keys must obey local laws and will be able to access the key location during that location’s operating hours.  Keys will not be buried underground.  It is against contest rules to do any digging or destroy property while searching for a key.  Treasure Coast Educational Media is not responsible for any injuries or illness suffered by participants in this contest.  Players participate at their own risk.  Employees of Treasure Coast Educational Media and their families may not participate.

Treasure Coast Educational Media holds the right to change contest rules.