Thank you for registering for the Back to School Expo

IMPORTANT: Vendors, here is some pertinet information you need to be aware of. Please print and save this information. If you have any questions, please contact your Christian FM representative.

Table and/or Booklet Ad fee:

All fees for tables and booklet ads must be prepaid. No exceptions.

Set up:

On the day of the event, set up time is from 8 am-9 am. Vendors must stay till the end of the expo, which is at 2 pm.


You may bring a prize valued at $25 or more if you would like stage mentions. Coupons are not a prize, and we will not be giving those away. We do not want our guests having to purchase anything; if they must, then it’s not considered a prize. For example: If you give away a $25 gift card to StarBucks, that is a prize. If you are giving away a boutique of flowers valued at $25, that is a prize. A $50 coupon to your store or buying goods and services with you is not considered a prize.

Please let your Christian FM representative know, in advance, what prize you will be giving away so we can include it in our announcements at the expo. At the event, ALL prizes must be given to Christian FM before 9 am – and you MUST staple your business card to the front of the gift bags/basket. In addition, PLEASE label the front of the bag to tell us what the gift inside the bag/basket is, so when we give these away prizes on the stage, we can do so quickly and give your business stage mentions.

Ideas for your table:

Have a register to win box at your table to gain additional emails, phone numbers from the guests, etc. You will need to give this away, on your own, after the show. We cannot give these away on the stage for you. Please make sure to bring pens to initial off in the Bridal Booklet. Also, if you have an ad in the Booklet, please show them where it is! Make sure to have business cards and literature about your business at the table. In addition, if you want people taking pictures with you or at your table, provide a backdrop that they will want to take a picture with.

Pipe & Drape:

If you upgraded and requested pipe and drape, it will be up and ready for you to use. If you have your own personal pipe & drape, let your representative know (in advance), and you are welcome to bring it.

Sponsor or Co-sponsor:

If you are a Sponsor or Co-Sponsor, you will automatically get pipe and drape, electricity, two 8′ tables, and two chairs. You will need to bring 8′ table clothes for your table/s.

Table outside:

Vendors with spots outside, please bring a 10 x 10 tent. The Civic Center can provide you with an 8′ table and (2) chairs. Please also remember to bring an 8′ tablecloth.

Social Media:

  • Please start sharing the attached flyer (Button Down Below) on your website and social media platforms- please do this at least 3-to 4 times leading up to the event.
  • Please print a flyer out and post it on the window or at the counter if you have a storefront.
  • Please also create a Facebook Event, use this flyer, and invite all your local friends to come!


If you paid extra for electricity, PLEASE bring a long extension cord with multiple plugs so that you can have power, or you forfeit your right to use power. We are not able to supply the power cord for you.

 8′ Table Linen:

Remember you must bring an 8′ table linen (we do not have any for you to borrow); each table will receive two chairs to use.