Christian FM (WSCF-FM, Vero Beach) was born originally in the late 1980’s through the vision and resources of Central Assembly of God in Vero Beach. For several years, the pastors, staff, and certain key lay persons carried a vision for starting a Christian radio station in Vero Beach.

It takes a considerable amount of time and legal work, plus significant financial commitment just to win FCC approval to begin a new station. Despite the disappointment of an initial failed attempt, they persisted, and eventually succeeded in gaining approval for this area’s first Christian broadcast voice.

In February 1990, WSCF signed on the air. Early days were especially difficult finding support. Most people had never heard of a Christian station playing contemporary music. However, God’s hand was on the fledgling operation, and through His Grace, the station thrived. By the mid-1990’s Christian FM was consistently among the top-rated stations in the market.

Over the years, Christian FM has been blessed to grow in listeners and community impact.
Today, WSCF has become a significant part of the Treasure Coast’s spiritual life. Every week Christian FM impacts tens of thousands of lives. The station is operated by Treasure Coast Educational Media, Inc., an independent local ministry and a 501c3 organization.

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