Brides-to-be will have their choice of what prizes they want to win. Here’s how it works: On the day of the event each bride-to-be will be given a certain amount of entry tickets to select the prize(s) they would like to compete to win. Brides-to-be will have the choice to put a ticket in each of the prize entry boxes or simply choose one prize to put all their tickets in, which will give them the best odds of winning.



Olivia Bown Bridal

$500 Gift Card  &  1,000 Gift Card


Cardita Formal Wear

$500 Gift Card

iThink Financial

$500 Gift Card

Telmo Photography

$1,000 Valued Bridal Photo Packages


Hilton Garden Inn (PGA)

5 Night Stay  &  7 Night Stay


Evental Moments

$1,500 Wedding Planning Package

The Cake Lady

$300 Wedding Cake Gift Certificate

Lift Vero

$500 Transformation Packag